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Cured Meats

Cured Meats
Cured Meats
Master meat curing. To secure safety, consistency and profitability, shelf-stable meats need accurate water activity measurements . AQUALAB instruments deliver.

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Water activity
Water activity

Water activity and shelf-stable meat products

Water activity. If you’re making shelf-stable meat, you’re required to measure it. But you can also profit from measuring it, and this guide will show you how.

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Top Quality Shelf-Stable. Dry-cured meat and shelf-stable products can gain more in production when mastering water activity. Avoid over-drying and improve shelf-life—the key is fast, reliable results. With Aqualab, speed and accuracy are possible for all your shelf-stable meat needs.
Olympia Provisions Not your average meats.
Olympia Provisions Not your average meats.

Olympia Provisions Not your average meats.

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Olympia Provisions
Fast. Accurate. Safe. Aqualab instruments are leading in water activity and moisture content measurement, helping keep your batches safe, your shipments running and your production at top performance.
Quality Assurance. Water activity is correlated with many reactions that may affect or end shelf life. Keep your batches safe, consistent and ready-to-clear for every shipment.
Upgrade to Aqualab. Gain more out of your cured meat products in safety, quality and taste with Aqualab instruments, designed for accuracy and speed, fulfilling every step of production.

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Test 2


Schnell. Präzise. Zuverlässig. Das meistverkaufte Aw-Wert Messgerät.
    • Aw-Messungen in <5 min.
    • Hohe Konformität + Kompatibilität
    • Sichere Datenspeicherung


Hochauflösende Feuchtigkeits-Sorptionsisothermen für die Vorhersage der Haltbarkeit.
    • Isothermen in <48 Stunden
    • 200+ Datenpunkte / Isothermen
    • 5 Minuten Test Setup

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